There’s so much Guildford has to offer – make sure you check out our venues and more between films at this year’s Festival!

All venues have disabled parking, access and toilets.


One of the most prominent landmarks in the historic town of
Guildford, it’s been at the centre of the civic and social life of
the town since its construction in 1938. It remains an excellent
example of the Art Deco style of the time.
A wonderful old-school theatre, with a sweeping proscenium
arch and raised stage, it will be the central venue for all your
Adventure Travel Film Festival highlights.


You’re sure to fall in love with this little gem! Built in 1865, the Mechanics Institute is the oldest public hall in the Swan Districts. For more than 150 years it has been used for public meetings, lectures, concerts, plays and films, and it’s still going strong! A gorgeous intimate venue, it’s ideal for an off the beaten track adventure festival fare. Make sure you get in early for your chosen event, or you might find yourself outside trying to sneak a peek through the window!


The heritage listed Rose & Crown is the oldest hotel in the state, and the third oldest licensed hotel in Australia. In 1863, court hearings presided over by a travelling judge were held here, as were public meetings and social gatherings. An important staging post for treks into the outback and a resting place for stockmen, it’s the perfect venue for the festival as well as a cozy retreat to catch up with friends and hatch plans for your own adventure!


Present day St Matthew’s Church in Stirling Square was consecrated in 1873, and is now in its third incarnation. The first was demolished and replaced in 1860, and the second was destroyed by a cyclone in 1872, in the middle of a baptism!

Today, it’s at the center of the thriving Anglican community in the Swan Valley. A place to contemplate the wonderful world we live in, while being inspired to go out and explore it!


Situated next-door to St Matthew’s Church, this venue is a classic church hall used for a variety of community purposes from playgroups to weddings, and dances to wakes. It has also served as a Church itself after the main Church building was damaged by fire in 1926. The Parish Hall is the perfect mid-sized venue to experience yet more Adventure Travel happiness!